Guix Foundation is a non-profit association according to French law (known as loi 1901), registered in 2016 and with SIRET number 917 723 066 00010.

The mission of Guix Foundation is to support the GNU Guix project and more generally to promote and develop software and operating systems that respect user freedom. It owns and hosts part of the infrastructure for the Guix build farm and helps fund and organise events.

Guix Foundation accepts donations by wire transfer or during in-person events, complementing the FSF’s Working Together fund.

The current board is composed of Simon Tournier as Presidency and Julien Lepiller as Treasury. While well-identified public representatives of the association are required by French law, our aim is to have a collegiate and collective governance. In fact, all decisions are taken by the Solidary Administrative Council, to which all members of the association wishing to take responsibility for its functioning can be elected.

To know more about our bylaws, you may consult the

If you wish to join, please fill in the membership form and send it to the e-mail addresses of the Presidency and the Treasury given above.

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