This page was for tracking anything related with the 2023 GNU Guix/Guile conference and hackathon on February 2nd and 3rd — right before FOSDEM2023 and the Declarative and Minimalistic Computing devroom.

Annual GNU Guix (un)conference. This event was a FOSDEM 2023 fringe event.


GNU Guix is growing rapidly and has gone from a software packaging system to a full tool stack aimed at reproducible software deployment and development. GNU Guix is a toolkit that allows developers to integrate reproducible software deployment into their applications — as opposed to leaving it up to the user. GNU Guix is based on the GNU Guile programming language which makes it a very versatile and hackable (in the good sense) environment.


Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of February, 2023, the two days before FOSDEM.

Starting at 9:30AM.


Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICAB) Rue Amedee Lynen 8 1210 Brussels (map), Belgium.


We had some talks in the morning and hacking and discussions the rest of the day. Two days of GNU Guix bliss.

The event targeted an audience of Guix developers and users.

In pure "unconference" style, the rest of the program was made by participants as we went, with hands-on sessions organised in subgroups. The following session topics were proposed:

  1. GNU Guix road map
  2. GNU Guix online documentation
  3. Reproducibility project
  4. Alternative target architectures (ARM, RISCV, POWER etc.)
  5. The Guix System installer
  6. Developing workflows (GNU Guix and GNU Workflow Language)
  7. Demonstration and explanation of The Perfect Setup (Emacs, Geiser, Magit)
  8. Python team maintenance and developer session
  9. Security issues (CVE-2021-27851, similar bugs, the big picture, etc)
  10. P2P substitutes
  11. Guix in "air gapped" environments

Presentations and notes

Code of conduct

Attendees implicitly abode by the code of conduct as stated by FOSDEM.


  1. Pjotr Prins
  2. Manolis Ragkousis
  3. Simon Tournier
  4. Julien Lepiller
  5. Todor Kondić
  6. Andreas Enge
  7. Bonface Munoki
  8. Efraim Flashner
  9. Jonathan McHugh
  10. Arun Isaac
  11. Tanguy Le Carrour
  12. Alexey Abramov
  13. Ludovic Courtès
  14. Leo Famulari
  15. Christopher Baines
  16. Mekeor Melire
  17. Lars-Dominik Braun
  18. Josselin Poiret
  19. Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
  20. Jonathan Brielmaier
  21. jgart
  22. Björn Höfling
  23. Mathieu Othacehe
  24. Nicolò Balzarotti
  25. Gábor Boskovits
  26. Jelle Licht
  27. Michael Bauer
  28. pukkamustard
  29. Timo Wilken
  30. Janneke Nieuwenhuizen
  31. Samuel Fadel
  32. Nicolas Roelandt
  33. Raffael / sepi
  34. Sharlatan Hellseher
  35. Bertrand Mathelier
  36. Petr Hodina
  37. Ivan Vilata i Balaguer


Attendance was free. We asked a voluntary contribution for consumptions.

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